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About the Web Store:

We are all about providing clean, useful, fully tested Themes prior to selling them to the general public.  We are here to help if issues arise and we will do our best to solve any issues that may arise in the fastest, most diligent way possible.

We will not release any Themes that are bloated or do not pass the simulation process.  BlackBerry's are great devices and should be able to be utilized to their fullest extent.  All of our Theme builds take this into consideration, so we try and build Themes that will benefit the user in their day to day business / personal life.

From time to time, we may cross market an app that we feel is useful and meets our high standards.  Useful Themes and useful App's can really increase user ability with these great devices. 


I have been a BlackBerry user for years and years.  My first BlackBerry was a 5810, remember the days of the black and green screens, and to use the phone you had to have a wired ear-bud?  Wow, has RIM made leaps and bounds in the "smart phone" world.  Who knew I'd be toting around a device that has so much power.  I couldn't imagine life without a BlackBerry, it keeps you so connected on the go.

Besides my liking of BlackBerry's, I am a father, brother and son.  I would say I am borderline geek, with a wild side, that likes about anything technical.  I like music, concerts, football and building Themes when time allows.  I also have a passion for fixing stuff.  I will admit that I am a pretty handy individual and can usually figure stuff out if I haven't already done so.


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