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Q: I bought a theme from your store, how do I get it?

1. After purchasing a theme you will receive an email with a download link enclosed.
2. All themes are OTA [over the air] downloads, so you need a Data plan with your BlackBerry to download.
3. If you used and email address that is not linked to your BlackBerry, simply forward the email that has the link for download to an email address that hits your BlackBerry.
4. Once that email hits your BlackBerry, simply click the link contained in the email.

Q: I can't click the link from the email I received to download my theme.  What should I do?

1. While in the message, simply hit the Menu button on your BlackBerry, scroll to select, then menu again and scroll to copy.
2. Now open up your internet browser on your BlackBerry, hit Menu, scroll to Go To, paste the link in the address bar and hit enter to prompt the download.

Q: I have bought a theme, downloaded that theme and it does not show in the theme listings.  What should I do?

1. Your BlackBerry may need to be reset. 
2. To do this simply pop off the battery cover, remove the battery for about one [1] minute, then reinsert the battery and allow the phone to re-boot.  Now check to see if the theme appears in the list.
3. Now that the theme is there, simply click on the theme to activate.

Q: How can I find the theme I downloaded? Where is it located?

1. All themes that have been downloaded and installed appear in the options menu. 
2. The icon for the options menu varies by BlackBerry model, but if you go into the full menu look for an icon that says "Options".  It may be a wrench.

Q: What is your Refund Policy?

1. Refunds are issued ONLY if there is a defect in the theme build and we cannot remedy the problem.
2. We will not issue refunds if you are using a Non-Official OS [operating system].

Q: Can I get an exchange, I decided I want a different Theme?

1. Sorry, NO exchanges but you can certainly buy another Theme from us.

Q: Do you offer or can I get a trial period of a Theme?

1. We do not offer trial periods on any Themes.

Q: I am using a "Non-Official" OS release and the theme does not display or work right.  Can I get a refund?

1. The general answer is NO.  We do not suggest that users run "Beta" version of OS's, they are Beta for a reason. That reason usually means the OS is in the testing phase and there are bugs to be worked out.  We suggest you move to an official software release and then try the theme.

Q: Can I hotlink photos from your site?

1. We request that you absolutely DO NOT, but if you must please put a link back to our site.  What you should do is simply point the user to our page via a link and let them know what picture, explanation they should look at / read or what Theme to buy.

Q: Where do you obtain the Themes for BlackBerry's?

1. We have built each and every one of them.  We do not troll the internet stealing other peoples content and neither should you.

Q: I bought a theme, can I let a friend use it?

1. Absolutely NOT, buying 1 theme constitutes 1 user license.  If your friend would like a theme have them shop here.

Q: Are any of your themes free?

1. Periodically we may offer a theme or 2 for free, but this is not a general practice.



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