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Below you will find the most commonly asked questions we receive.  We will update this page as new commonly asked questions come about.  We want everyone to be happy with the service we provide, but questions can become very overwhelming, so we thought this Help page would be of great benefit to all.

Some of the Icons may vary by BlackBerry model, but the general procedure should be very much the same along all BlackBerry models.

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How Do I Activate The Theme I purchased
From the "Home" screen, push the "Menu" button. The "Menu" button is the BlackBerry logo just to the right of the green telephone button:


Now look for the "Options" Icon and push to enter the options menu:


Now locate the "Theme" option and push it:


Now locate the Theme you would like to activate and highlight it.  Now push the "Menu" button and hit "Activate".  Your BlackBerry will think for a moment, so it may appear sluggish, finally hit end [the red telephone button] and your theme should appear:


Finally, if you are having issues you may need to do a hard re-boot.  To do this, simply remove the Battery cover and pop out the Battery for 1 minute.  Now re-insert the battery and let the phone fully re-boot.  This should solve any quirky behavior that may be present.
How Do I Move Icons Around
This is done from the full application screen.  To move the icons around in the order you would like them to appear, first push the "Menu" button.  The "Menu" button is located just to the right of the green telephone icon:


Now locate and highlight the Icon you would like to move:


Now push the "Menu" button again and navigate to "Move":


Now move the icon into position.  On the Storm you do this with your finger, on other BlackBerry models you do this with the trackball. 

To put the icon in the final position of your choice, either touch the screen on the Storm or push the trackball on other BlackBerry models:


Why & How To Reset Your BlackBerry

- My BlackBerry seems slow after installing a Theme or App.  Many BlackBerry users don't understand the importance of re-setting their device.  By doing a re-set you clear out a lot of "stuff" that gets left behind.  You should do this regularly to clear it out.

- The best way to put it in to terms is: If you leave your computer running 24/7 eventually it will start to bog down and once you re-boot it all is good.

- So I recommend if your device seems to be running slow or doesn't appear to be functioning right after a Theme or App install remove the battery cover and pop the battery out for 1 minute, then re-insert the battery, let the BlackBerry FULLY re-boot and give it another go.

- You would probably be surprised, but a hard reset clears up 99% of the issues people encounter with their device.


How Do I Separate My E-Mails From SMS [Text] Messages

This is simple! 

- Go into your Message Application [the mail envelope].

- Now hit "Menu".

- Navigate to "Options" or just hit the "O" while the sidebar menu is open.

- Click or Touch "Options".

- Go into "General Options".

- Go down to "SMS and Email Inboxes".

- Change this to "Separate".

- Click the "Back" button and Click or Touch "Save" when prompted.

That's it, your E-Mails and SMS [text] Messages will now be separate so make sure you locate the SMS and MMS Message Icons and place it in an appropriate location.


How Do I Check For The Available Memory On My Device

- Please click the "Menu" button located just to the left of the green telephone button.

- Scroll to the "Options" tab, usually a wrench icon.

- Push the trackball or touch the icon depending on your BlackBerry model to enter.

- Now locate the "Status" tab and push to enter.

- Now look for "File Free" to see how much Device memory is available.

How Do I See What OS [Operating System] I Am Using

- Click the "Menu" button located just to the left of the green telephone button.

- Locate and highlight the "Options" icon, this is usually a wrench.

- Push the trackball or screen depending on your BlackBerry model to enter.

- Now locate the "About" tab and push to enter.

- Now look at the third line down and you should see your OS.  It will say 4.5.x.xxx, 4.6.x.xxx or 4.7.x.xxx depending on your BlackBerry model. When we mention x.xxx above this is just an example, you will have numbers where we put the "x".

- To exit click the "back" button just to the left of the red telephone button OR click the red telephone button.  Please note:  You will need to do this 3 times to exit as it will take you through all of the "About" screens.


How Do I Setup [Turn On] My Call Log

Some Themes that offer the Today Preview Area and have the Call Log Icon attached to them require that the call log be turned on.  This is not done "out of the box" so it is necessary to turn this feature on manually.  Below is how to turn the Call Log feature on:

- From the Home Screen push the green telephone button just to the left of the "Menu" button [the BlackBerry logo].

- Now that your are in Telephone view hit the "Menu" button and scroll to "Options".  **Shortcut for keypad phones is to just press the letter "O" on the keypad.**

- Now that "Options" is highlighted please push the trackball or touch the screen.

- Now look for the line item "General Options", highlight it and push the trackball or touch the screen to enter.

- Now locate "Phone List View" or "Initial View" in the line items.

- Highlight it by scrolling to it or touching the screen.

- Now that your have highlighted it push the trackball or touch the screen to bring up the menu options.

- Now choose "Call Log" and push the trackball or touch the screen.

- Now hit "Menu", locate and highlight "Save" and push the trackball or touch the screen to save.

- Finally end it out and you will be setup for the Call log feature should your theme require it.


My BlackBerry Calendar Is Showing Duplicate Entries Or No Entries At All

This generally happens when you need to send "New" service books to your BlackBerry and have multiple e-mail addresses setup.

It is in my experience that the "New" service books change the "Default" address you had already setup.  This is very frustrating, but rest assure it is NOT a Theme issue.  It is a service book issue!

To check and see if this is what is happening you need to verify your default address for E-Mail and Calendar items.  To do this please follow the steps below:

- From the home screen hit the "Menu" button.  The Menu button is the BlackBerry Logo just to the left of the trackball on keypad phones and just to the left of the "Escape" [the sideways U with the arrow on it] on Touch Screen devices.

- Now find "Options", usually the icon with a wrench on it.

- Now locate the "Advanced Options" line item.

- Highlight it and click the trackball or touch the screen to enter.

- Now locate the "Default Services" line item

- Highlight it and click the trackball or touch the screen to enter.

- Here you will see your "Default Services", Make sure these are what you want them to be.

- If they are not, correct them and save before you exit.

- Now see if your calendar displays correctly.

You may also want to have a look around in the Calendar itself.  This is done by going into your Calendar App, hitting menu, going to options and looking around.

If the Calendar still does not display correctly, please locate the manual that came with your device or use your favorite search engine to research your issue.  I may do a "How To" fix this sometime, but as of yet I have not typed one up.


My Beta / Leaked / Non-Official OS Is Not Working Right

Just as it is stated on our FAQ page, we will not supply support if you are running a Beta / Leaked / Non-Official OS!  These releases generally contain bugs, glitches or whatever else you would like to call it and that is why they are not official yet. 

What makes the OS "Official"?  When your actual service provider / carrier RELEASES the updated OS to you.

If you are running a Beta / Leaked / Non-Official OS and your Theme does not appear to be working correctly, please re-load the official OS your carrier has released and this will fix your problem.

If you are running a Beta / Leaked / Non-Official OS you are purchasing the Theme at your own risk.

Now you may say that provider "X" has released this OS to their customers so it is Official, but that is not the case.  Again, if your provider has not released it is not "Official" for your particular device!

Example:  The BlackBerry Bold leaked OS is known to have a glitch where the Hidden Today Preview Area text gets squished together, or the Application Name gets cutoff.  Revert back to your providers / carriers Official OS and watch the problem disappear.


How Do I Turn Off Dial From Home Screen [Full Keypad Device Only]

By turning off "Dial From Home Screen" option you will unleash the amazing power of shortcuts available to full keypad BlackBerry users. Not every key has a shortcut, but most do.

First how you turn this off:

- Hit the Green telephone button just to the left of the Menu button [the BlackBerry logo].

- Now that your in the telephone app, hit the "Menu" button again.

- Scroll to "Options". Shortcut would be to hit the "O" letter on the keypad.

- Now push the trackball to enter the Options menu.

- Now locate, highlight and push the trackball to enter the "General Options" line item.

- Now scroll down to "Dial From Home Screen".

- Once highlighted push the trackball and set this to "No".

- Hit the "Menu" button, locate "Save" and push the trackball to save.

Now end out to the home screen and start pushing buttons. A few of the shortcuts are:

- A = Address Book

- B = Browser

- C = Compose New Message

- D = Memo Pad

- F = Profiles

- H = Help

- K = Keypad Lock

- L = Calendar

- M = Messages

- O = Options

- T = Tasks

- W = Media Net Browser

- Plus many more......

To figure them all out you can just push the Letters to try OR go into the main app screen [by pushing the"Menu" button from the home screen] and as you highlight a BlackBerry Native Icon look at the bottom of the screen where the App name is displayed. Well when you see the one letter underlined this is your shortcut. The only icon that has a shortcut, but does not display an underline is the AT&T Media Net Browser.

So highlight "Profiles" and you'll see the "f" is underlined, so there is your home screen shortcut for the Profiles Menu.

Great stuff isn't it!! Just note: Not every native Blackberry icon / app has a shortcut.

After Installing The Theme It Appears I Have Lost Some Icons

Ok, we are going to be a bit light hearted here, because we hear this question a lot and it is not the case what-so-ever!  RIM's geniuses have left us all to set things up again after installing a new Theme. 

So if you load a new Theme, from anywhere, you're going to have to go into your main app screen, do a show all and locate the icons you're looking for. Also, don't be surprised if you need to re-separate your E-Mail Inbox and SMS message again too.

We would assume if you think icons are gone, missing, or we somehow snatched them, we will also assume you might be fairly new to BlackBerry's, so let us walk you through the steps on "showing all" those icons and locating these said icons:

- First, from the "Home Screen" click the "Menu" button just to the left of the trackball on trackball devices OR just to the left of the sideways "U" on the Storm to enter your full app menu.

- Now that you're in the Main App Menu, go ahead and hit the "Menu" button again and locate "Show All" tab from the sidebar menu.

- Now that your are showing all look around for your icons / app's.  Don't forget to look in the "Folders" too, because some of the icons for app's are there too.

- Now once you've found the icon for the app's you can move them around to the spot you want them.

- Please note that you will only need to do this on "Newly" installed Themes, once the Theme is installed and you've set it up you will not have to do this again even if you switch the Themes for a day or two.

Thanks for reading and now you can find your stolen icons / app's......Just Kidding!















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