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Terms and Conditions:

These Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time without notice.

You agree that one [1] Theme purchase constitutes one [1] user license.  You agree not to share a Theme you purchased with anyone. Screen shots, Videos or other content may be shared amoung internet users, message board participants, emails and like, but you agree to give credit back to this site as it is the rightful owner of all content posted.

You shall not try to defraud us in any way by trying to pass our Themes or any information contained within this site off as your work.  You shall not post our Themes for free public download anywhere!

You agree that you have a Data plan and have access for the OTA [over the air] download[s] once you have purchased a Theme.  You also agree that you have a general working knowledge of how to download a Theme, move icons around and change any settings that may be required to get the maximum capability of a Theme.  We are here to help, but tech support for your device is not what we do.  Reading the manual that came with your device is worth your weight and gold.

You agree that under no circumstances will you post Zimplifier.com's Themes for download on a "free theme" site.

You agree that you will not use any software that can manipulate the Theme files.  You will not convert a .jad / .cod file to an .alx file, .thm file or the like.  You also shall not try and manipulate any of our copyrighted Themes or information.

You will not hold Zimplifier.com, it's employee's or vendors liable for any damage you may do to your device by purchasing and downloading a Theme.  We will not be held liable for any damages that may be done to your BlackBerry, period.  All themes are tested / simulated to prove their integrity prior to release, so there should be no issues that would be Theme related.

You agree that any Help article contained within this site or any article that makes its way to another site shall be deemed just that, "Help".  We will not be held responsible for anything you may do to brick your Berry!

These Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time without notice..

Privacy Policy:

We do not and will not sell any of your information, including but not limited to, Name, E-Mail Address, Property Address, Business Address, Telephone Number, Cell Phone Number or BlackBerry PIN.  We take this very seriously!

We do reserve the right to send out a Marketing E-Mail periodically.  As of now we don't have any plans for this in the near future.



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